The blog

This is a blog which contains all the Medical Biochemistry lecture notes for first and fifth year students in Medical School.

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The author

Georgeta Irinel Verman, MD, GP, PhD, lecturer in the Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Medicine, “Ovidius” University Constanta, Romania.



  1. nice site…thank you proffesoara 😀

    • nick come with me babe 🙂

  2. this is quite helpful to us professor.

    • I’m glad that it helps you in studying and understanding Biochemistry issues.
      Good luck!

  3. thanks a lot madam Georgeta I.V. your materials are so nice for me.God bless you and lift more on becoming profitable to others.

  4. I would like to visit your lecture but I think it much difficult to me due to financial capacity from Tanzania to where you are.Also my dreams is to be Gynecologist one day but financial had made some difficult if can you assist me financially my dreams would become true.God be with you all the time.

  5. Thank u so much prof Georgeta for your efforts. It is a very helpful blog with many great useful lectures.

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