Structural Biochemistry I


  1. hi, am kamal from somalia, am also a medical student at jazeera university
    i wana give thanks to this wep that allowed me alot of things to be learned or to be understood. I hope this wep to be the greatest and best in the world thanks.

    • Hello! I hope it will be useful for you and good luck with your exams!

      • nice ppt. thank you guys

  2. really helpful i understood everything 🙂

  3. mahaweer singh sodho

  4. very well prepared and useful content for students and teachers alike.

    • Thanks. I’m pleased to be of help for those who are interested in studying biochemistry. The ABC is never easy.

  5. Its realy good web . Thanks Dr. VERMAN
    Al Jaff-Ovidius

  6. i want to know abc of structural biochem

  7. thx fro this useful materiels may God bless u!!!!!

  8. Do you still updates your page now?

  9. Congratulations over this terrific job ! Love it!

  10. Hi i am a high school student in Tanzania thanx for ur good notes

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